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Karaoke Machine Rental

EASY AS 1-2-3

$169 anywhere in the continental United States - Delivery/Pick-up included!

What Do You Get?

  • A karaoke System with CD and Graphics Player for the Entire Weekend!

  • 450 Songs from Sound Choice Karaoke – Karaoke’s Most Popular Song Titles!

  • 2 Karaoke Microphones for Duets!

  • Comprehensive Song List sorted by Artist and Song Title

  • Features: Echo, Balance Control and Auto Voice Control

  • Rent Additional Song Packs: Teen Pack, 70s, 80s, R&B, Extended Variety

How Does It Work?

  • Simply plug OUR RCA & Video Cables into YOUR Television Audio/Video Inputs then plug the cables into the Karaoke Player’s Audio/Video Outputs

  • Plug each Microphone into the Player

  • Load a Karaoke Disc in the Player, Select a Song and Read the Song Lyrics on your Television!

Delivery and Pick-up

  • Round trip ground shipping to your door by a Major Carrier – Return everything in the box it arrived the Monday after your Party!

  • Usually ships in 24 hours; arrives 1-5 business days

Click Here for: Sound Choice Karaoke Song PackList

Click Here for: Additional Song Packs

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