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How could a party like this be anything but successful? Vegas style gaming tables, professional and experienced dealers and a Casino Manager …..there is but one good throw of the dice!

What is a Casino Party?

  • When your guests arrive, they are issued a pre-determined amount of “funny money”. This can be in the form of a ticket, large value casino chip or token. The players then go to their favorite tables and redeem their “funny money” for casino chips to play the games.
  • Players are welcomed to their tables and the dealers clearly explain the game to those learning for the first time. Their primary job is to ensure your guests are comfortable and are having a great time.
  • Casino Parties typically average three (3) hours in length and, approximately 15 minutes before the end of the evening the Casino Manager will announce its time for players to “cash in” their chips. Betting will normally become frantic as players try to amass as many chips as they can during final play.
  • The casino will close the betting and the chips are redeemed for either raffle tickets or vouchers for the amount of “funny money” they have.