Increase your fun by awarding prizes!

Prizes are a great way to motivate people; your guests will attempt to gain as many chips as possible for a chance to win the grand prize at the end of the event! The prizes can be as elaborate as new cars, a trip to Las Vegas, or a weekend getaway. They can also be as simple as a dinner certificate, an award plaque or a gag gift.

Raffle Tickets – The most popular way to distribute prizes is by raffle. Your guests “cash in” their chips for raffle tickets and you have a drawing for the prizes. The more players win at the tables, the more raffle tickets they receive. (Raffle Tickets and Raffle Drum are provided by the Casino / Prizes are provided by the client)

Auction – An auction is exciting; guests have the opportunity to bid for multiple prizes or a grand prize! Players “cash in” and receive a voucher with the total amount of their winnings and have one last chance to be a “high roller” during the auction! (Prizes are provided by the client)