Specialty Entertainment



If you are in charge of planning your company’s next event it’s never too early to call our EVENT PLANNING CENTER.

Company parties can be great fun for all who attend but can be very challenging to plan. You usually have a very diverse group, and, quite often, the guests are acquaintances rather than great friends. Our DJs and Live Musicians are trained to work with these diverse groups and are experienced in selecting music that will please everyone — Music, after all, is the backbone of any dance or party and is the foundation for a great event.

Make your next corporate event a huge success! If you’re having a Grand Opening, Company Picnic, Product Launch, Fund Raiser, Convention, or Holiday Party, amx Events will match you with the right DJ or Band. Our Event Planning Center will assist you with music selections, raffles, announcements, and promotions – whatever it takes for you to breathe easy and to make your event outstanding!!

Hint: Consider the following to help make your corporate party a blast and one your employees will talk about …and, hopefully, increase your turnout each year:

Awards and Raffles
If awards are to be given, or raffles are to be drawn, try and make them go as quickly as possible. Cocktails and dinner usually last about 2 hours and your guests are itching to get up and start dancing at this point. If you schedule the awards after dinner, you may find the majority of the guests will go home as soon as the awards are over; if they sit too long they lose the momentum to get up and dance. Try this; schedule your awards during the cocktail hour, keep it brief, fun and interactive as possible — your guests stay energized and won’t feel “glued to their seats.”