Event Music FAQ’s

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When does the DJ call me before the event?
Your DJ will call you a week prior to the event date to go over the music and introductions on your event planner. If you need to speak with them sooner just let us know and we’ll have them contact you at your convenience. In the meantime please feel free to contact our Event Planning Center to ask us questions, request additional information, or to modify your planning sheets as needed.

What kind of equipment do you use?
We use Commercial DJ equipment that includes; a dual CD sound system with a wireless microphone, amplifier, speakers and basic light system. We ask you how many guests you are expecting and where your party is so we can be certain the sound system will be adequate for your event.

If you need additional equipment such as a PA system for an outdoor ceremony, lavalier microphone, karaoke system, upgraded lighting, cassette player, etc. please contact the event planning center for additional pricing details.

Will the DJ play music that I bring to the event?
Your DJ will be happy to play any personal CDs that you provide. If your music is on a cassette or an iPOD please let us know prior to the event so your DJ can provide a cassette player or patch in your MP3 player.

Do we tip the DJ?
Our prices reflect the services we offer. However, we are a “service-based” industry. If you would like to reward your DJ for the service you receive by offering a gratuity, we are more than appreciative but it is not a requirement. A follow-up thank-you and your referrals to others let us know that we’ve done our job. A gratuity shows the DJ immediate appreciation and gratitude for a job well done.

We are consistently asked what the appropriate gratuity should be. There isn’t a formula that we are aware of but in our experience 10-15% is the average.

Can the DJ stay longer than the contracted hours?
The DJ will be happy to continue for an additional fee per hour; however you should check first with your venue and their policy for staying after the contracted hour.

Do we provide a meal for the DJ at the event?
Most DJs spend approximately 6-8 hours at your event and they generally do not take breaks and don’t have a meal unless the client provides one or the caterer invites them to eat. You are not required to provide a meal, however a meal is often greatly appreciated. If they accept they will be discreet and wait until your guests have gone through the buffet first.

Do you have a microphone that we can use?
You are welcome to use the microphone provided by the DJ for ay toasts or special announcements.

Do you need a skirted table?
Although our DJs have a standing set up system, it is always more elegant to provide a matching 6’ skirted table; simply request your venue to set up a 6’ skirted table for your DJ.

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