Specialty Entertainment



Delivered Karaoke Machine Rental to your DOOR!

EASY AS 1-2-3

$199 anywhere in the continental United States for weekend rental with the TOP 500 Songs!

We mail it you, you patch into your TV and send back the next Monday!  PARTY ON!

Payment must be received by weekend before event or additional charges may apply.

What Do You Get?

  • A karaoke System with CD and Graphics Player for the Entire Weekend!
  • 450 Songs from Sound Choice Karaoke – Karaoke’s Most Popular Song Titles!
  • 2 Karaoke Microphones for Duets!
  • Comprehensive Song List sorted by Artist and Song Title
  • Features: Echo, Balance Control and Auto Voice Control
  • Rent Additional Song Packs: Teen Pack, 70s, 80s, R&B, Extended Variety

How Does It Work?

Simply plug OUR RCA & Video Cables into YOUR Television Audio/Video Inputs then plug the cables into the Karaoke Player’s Audio/Video Outputs

Plug each Microphone into the Player

Load a Karaoke Disc in the Player, Select a Song and Read the Song Lyrics on your Television!

Delivery and Pick-up

Round trip ground shipping to your door by a Major Carrier – Return everything in the box it arrived the Monday after your Party!

Usually ships in 24 hours; arrives 1-5 business days